Evan Morgenstern hails from Miami, FL and takes full responsibility for the 2000 presidential election voting problems and anything else South Florida has gotten a bad rap for.
He attended the University of Central Florida where he studied journalism and screen writing. He also worked at an adult store where he picked up oodles of material for his comedy.
He later moved to New York and began studying improv under instructors including Julie Brister, Armando Diaz, Matt Besser, and Ari Voukydis. He has also taken acting classes at TVI. In addition to performing and working with the improv groups “Start Trekkin’” and “Switzerland Neutral Comedy” Evan has previously performed with the improv tragedy group “Harsh,” “The Hebrew School Dropouts,” Manhattan Comedy Collective’s “Sir Reality,” and the sketch group “Frowned Upon.”
Evan does stand up comedy and has performed around New York at clubs including Comix, Caroline’s, Gotham, and Don’t Tell Mama. He is co-founder and producer of “Switzerland Neutral Comedy” shows monthly at Stain Bar in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (second Tuesday of every month) and The Sage Theater in Times Square (every third Friday of the month.)
…And, he’s in the on hiatus but soon to be returning rock/comic duo, “Miscellaneous.”

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